Polyurethane Products examples

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The way polyurethane ‘shapes our world’ is widely understood when it comes to cogs, wheels, stops, and rollers used across manufacturing. So, to illustrate their versatility, we want to explore five polyurethane products you may have overlooked.

New types of polyurethane products are being put into use all the time, as companies increasingly take advantage of this substance’s many intrinsic values.

That often starts with prototypes. Both small and large parts optimise the incredible strength of polyurethane. As well as its ability to be precision-tooled into intricate designs.

Some of PU’s applications are less complex of course. It is often used for relatively simple structures that do vital jobs. Due to its unparalleled durability and its resistance to moulds, oil, moisture, extreme temperatures and friction.

Basically, polyurethane products pop up anywhere that tensile reliability and high performance are important. Often, invisibly supporting everyday products and processes.

These five examples of polyurethane products in action, are ones you may be totally unaware of

1. Desk chairs

One of the many advantages of both prototyping and mass-producing components made from polyurethane is that you can vary its properties to an infinite degree. From liquids and foams to parts that are as rigid and load-bearing as metal.

Office furniture manufacturers have realised that polyurethane products can be created to form ergonomically correct desk chairs.

Of course, using PU for parts includes basic wheels or casters for moveable chairs and tables. Components that can stand up to incredible amounts of wear and tear. However, by varying the blend of ingredients in polyurethane, you can produce both comfortable foam seats and ideally shaped backs and arms for the latest desk chairs.

2. Shoes

You may be wearing a polyurethane product right now.

Companies that design and produce work boots and shoes have grasped both the durability of polyurethane and its ability to be moulded into any shape or tensile range. This makes polyurethane a great solution for reinforced soles, to withstand work environments. As well as keeping its integrity under duress, polyurethane is great for shaping to provide better foot support.

You can find PU in athletic footwear too. Sportswear manufacturers are maximising its elasticity, creating high resistant, comfortable soles in their latest products. Footwear that can withstand regular journeys in washing machines.

3. Furniture for comfort and strength

This substance’s vast range of possible formulations and properties is why polyurethane products are increasingly found in domestic furniture too. From soft memory foam in sofa cushions to resilient and vividly coloured tops for kitchen stools.

Despite its incredible resilience, polyurethane is also a lightweight option to create furniture components. So even when it is not a soft foam for seating and bedding, PU can give household furniture incredible support, without making it heavy.

It also makes a remarkable bonding agent when you need a complete and reliable seal.

4. Electronic components

Even softer versions of this highly versatile material are known for their ability to withstand pressure, extreme temperatures and electrical currents, without altering in any way. Making polyurethane parts the perfect solution for coating or sheathing electrical wires. This includes moulded polyurethane delicately formed to fit around computer wiring.

5. Flooring materials

An example of a household product made from polyurethane could be beneath you.

Carpet underlay manufactured to last is often formed from a softer, low-density polyurethane mix. However, there are also other flooring solutions being developed incorporating Polyurethane.

One of the reasons polyurethane is preferred for this sort of application is that it offers high levels of insulation – both thermal and sound management. Making it a great choice for a growing range of construction materials. Using polyurethane-based flooring materials gives homeowners the reassurance of low maintenance products that won’t need to be replaced for a very long time!

More places you would find polyurethane parts

If we drew up a list of things made from polyurethane, we would be here all day. But for an example of its versatility, you’ll find PU in a vast range of products from yoga mats to industrial varnishes, and from thermal insulators in fridges to crucial components in oil rigs. High-performance parts in automobiles are also being crafted from lightweight but strong polyurethane.

With so many applications, the one you currently don’t know about could be the one that solves a design and performance problem for your company.

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