Polyurethane For The Car Industry

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Polyurethane applications to help steer automotive innovation and cost control   Summary: How is polyurethane helping companies in automotive supply chains to cope with current challenges and future trends? The answer is in the unique properties this material has to be formulated and moulded with precision. Polyurethane in vehicles is not confined simply to the… Read more »

Polyurethane, the Eco friendly Product

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Polyurethane, the Eco friendly Product

Think plastic, and think damaging to the environment, but that’s not always the case and not all plastics are the same. Polyurethane is the eco-friendly plastic of choice, for a variety of reasons. If you need custom components creating and you’re concerned about your impact on the planet, polyurethane could be the way to go…. Read more »

How Does Water Jet Cutting Work?

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Water is such a malleable thing that it’s easy to forget how “sharp” it can be when fired under intense pressure. Which is why water jet cutting is such an incredibly versatile and precise way to create well-defined edges on a large range of materials. It is also a fast way to create accurate cuts,… Read more »

The benefits of Product Prototyping

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Product Prototyping saves you time and money If you need to test a new product or part to see if it will work before putting it into production, product prototyping can save you time and money in the early design and development process. With a prototype you are able to test the form and function of your… Read more »

Polyurethane wheels for diggers and Dumpers

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Polyurethane wheels for the 4-Track Articulated 3.2 tonne Telehandler

There’s always a bit of a buzz at the factory when we’re asked to work on big machines, like the JCB Telehandler. The Brief The team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane were asked to worked with the Design Engineer at Moorend Ltd to convert this JCB Telehandler from pneumatic tyres to Catapilla tracks. What we did Our… Read more »