Polyurethane wheels for the 4-Track Articulated 3.2 tonne Telehandler

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There’s always a bit of a buzz at the factory when we’re asked to work on big machines, like the JCB Telehandler.

The Brief

The team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane were asked to worked with the Design Engineer at Moorend Ltd to convert this JCB Telehandler from pneumatic tyres to Catapilla tracks.

What we did

Our job was to manufacture the polyurethane wheels to enable the 4-Track Articulated 3.2 tonne Telehandler to operate in any terrain. Working to a very specific formulation of Polyurethane grade required for this very demanding application.

The finished product


CUST-load-all.jpg   CUST-load-all-wheel.png



We’ve also made the Polyurethane wheels for the BigTrax Dumper, here it is in action:



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