The advantages of Polyurethane for custom mud flaps

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custom mud flaps

Mud flaps serve a multitude of purposes and face considerable wear and tear on commercial vehicles. Specifying polyurethane products optimises their advantages and durability. But why is polyurethane the best material for your custom mud flaps? Polyurethane is the ‘go-to’ solution for a growing list of standard automotive parts and components. The team at Custom… Read more »

Polyurethane For The Car Industry

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Polyurethane for the car industry

Polyurethane applications to help steer automotive innovation and cost control   Summary: How is polyurethane helping companies in automotive supply chains to cope with current challenges and future trends? The answer is in the unique properties this material has to be formulated and moulded with precision. Polyurethane in vehicles is not confined simply to the… Read more »