What can Polyurethane rods be used for?

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Red polyurethane rod.

Polyurethane rods are one of the most commonly used PU products, due to the extensive list of utilisations for the product across multiple industry sectors. This blog post will present an overview of the different applications for Polyurethane Rods, and why Polyurethane is a preferable material to use. What are Polyurethane rods? Polyurethane was first… Read more »

Polyurethane Sheets: 5 things you need to know

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PU sheet

Commonly used in construction, including as an excellent way to create thermal insulation, the low weight to strength ratio of polyurethane sheets is a major advantage. Let’s explore more things you need to know about polyurethane sheets. Polyurethane sheets are beginning to find their way into a diverse range of locations and situations, often invisibly… Read more »