Five Key Benefits of Polyurethane

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If you’re thinking of replacing your current parts and components with an alternative material, there are five key benefits of Polyurethane you’ll want to know about. When it comes to parts like bushes, wheels and tubing, there is debate over the best material for the job. While elastomers like silicone and rubber may be used… Read more »

What is engineered polyurethane?

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Fold up chairs made from engineered polyurethane

Understanding ‘What is engineered polyurethane?’ is important if you need to source parts that are precisely cut. It’s a solution that offers incredible accuracy and durability. Polyurethane is the perfect example of an engineered material. The definition of anything that’s engineered is that you purposefully and skilfully create the item, to an extent that’s not… Read more »

Polyurethane product manufacturing 101: What you need to know

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It’s one of the best things since sliced bread! We are summing up polyurethane product manufacturing, and all the versatile applications of this incredible invention. Every day you will come into direct or indirect contact with polyurethane. It is in cars, household furniture, building structures, toys and many other places! Yet, the full scope of… Read more »

What are polyurethane mouldings?

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Precision engineering a replacement part made of polyurethane – or developing an innovative prototype – often pivots on choosing one of these two methods of polyurethane mouldings. The first step to commissioning a polyurethane part that’s 100% fit for purpose is to brief an expert in this field on the form and function you need…. Read more »

Polyurethane manufacturing explained

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Water Jet Cutting Services

Polyurethane now shapes our world. From small wheels that turn industrial machinery to large-scale construction materials. It’s in every UK home too. So, how does polyurethane manufacturing create such diversity? Its versatility can result in such a diverse range of finishes, all suitable for an increasingly wide range of purposes. From soft, comfortable foam to… Read more »

5 Common Polyurethane Products You Didn’t Know About

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Polyurethane Products examples

The way polyurethane ‘shapes our world’ is widely understood when it comes to cogs, wheels, stops, and rollers used across manufacturing. So, to illustrate their versatility, we want to explore five polyurethane products you may have overlooked. New types of polyurethane products are being put into use all the time, as companies increasingly take advantage… Read more »

How custom polyurethane parts are made

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The versatility and durability of polyurethane parts mean they are finding their way into every corner of the industry. Their diversity is phenomenal, making it interesting to see how we create these custom polyurethane parts. From a basic chemical reaction to a vital part that performs flawlessly, the methods used to produce high-performance polyurethane items… Read more »

Why Custom Moulded Polyurethane Ltd?

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Custom Moulded Polyurethane LTD branding

The performance and cost advantages of using polyurethane to engineer parts are clear. However, the quality still depends on the level of moulding or cutting expertise involved. Why does Custom Moulded Polyurethane lead the field? Having the experience, technology and skills needed to create bespoke polyurethane products must run alongside other business qualities in the… Read more »