Polyurethane: Uses, Benefits and Sustainability

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Since its very first inception, polyurethane has achieved a position of importance unrivalled by any other industrial product due to its ability to strike the ideal balance between versatility, resilience and sustainability. And as new formulations and processes continue to be developed, it is likely that derivatives of polyurethane will come to take the place… Read more »

What is Polyurethane & How is it Made?

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Vortex Shredder subsleeve

Polyurethane is a versatile, resilient type of plastic that is now found almost everywhere in daily life. Combining the flexibility of rubber with the toughness of metal, it has become a vital component in a huge range of everyday products, from wheels and refrigerators to clothes, shoes and mattresses. It is now widely used by… Read more »

The benefits of Product Prototyping

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Product Prototyping┬ásaves you time and money If you need to test a new product or part to see if it will work before putting it into production, product prototyping┬ácan save you time and money in the early design and development process. With a prototype you are able to test the form and function of your… Read more »

Terminal 5 Polyurethane Sensor Housings

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The Custom Moulded Polyurethane team manufactured the Polyurethane infra red sensor┬áhousing installed at Heathrow Airpots Terminal 5 car parks. The Brief Heathrow Airport operator BAA, wanted it’s clients to experience stress free parking in all three parking areas and over 7,000 of it’s parking spaces. Offering a fully automated system, which indicated free spaces and… Read more »