Heathrow airport terminal

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The Custom Moulded Polyurethane team manufactured the Polyurethane infra red sensor housing installed at Heathrow Airpots Terminal 5 car parks.

The Brief

Heathrow Airport operator BAA, wanted it’s clients to experience stress free parking in all three parking areas and over 7,000 of it’s parking spaces. Offering a fully automated system, which indicated free spaces and ensuring a swift and efficient entry and exit for customers.

What we did

We worked along side the designer responsible for the monitoring technology behind the automated system, to develop a housing for the infra red parking sensor.

We successfully custom moulded and delivered over 7,000 polyurethane sensor housings for the main multi story car park at Heathrow Airports Terminal 5. Developing the prototype to best fit the sensor technology and be robust enough to protect it.

The finished product

Sensor base units   Sensor base units   Sensor base units   heathrow-1


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Main image courtesy of https://www.heathrow.com/airport-guide/terminal-5