Launch and Recovery System

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Every job – no matter how small – is important to the team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane; but there’s additional excitement about contributing to Supacat’s ‘ground-breaking’ off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles.

One of the massive advantages of parts made from polyurethane is their ability to withstand incredible force, a hostile environment and the pressure of robust use. Which is why this valuable material is used for vehicles that operate in ways that incorporate all of these things!

The team at Custom Moulded polyurethane takes pride in its partnerships with clients but confesses to being particularly thrilled to be working with Supacat and the RNLI.

Items produced by us, are set to play a role in helping with rescue operations the length and breadth of the UK. Items specified in polyurethane to maximise their ability to be reliable in the harshest of conditions.

This blog explores this case study and our supply relationship with Supacat, and the RNLI.

Who are Supacat?

The RNLI leads little or no introduction, but Supacat’s prestige may not be as familiar.

This company is a global leader in designing and building high mobility vehicles. Many of which are used in defence settings. Their highly respected list of developments includes 1,000 specialist, battle-proven vehicles.

These are at work throughout the world, in some of the most demanding situations.

The company’s stellar reputation is firmly founded on its engineering prowess, solving problems with robust solutions.

Supacat is always adding to its range of off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles. Particularly as it is often consulted about new ways its products can meet the requirements for high-mobility vehicles.

This means many of their R&D projects are highly bespoke, rising to the challenge of designing, building and delivering some of the most physically tested machines on the planet.

The Supacat Launch and Recovery System (L&RS)

So what brought Supacat into a working relationship with the R&D and production teams at Custom Moulded Polyurethane?

One of the many prestigious products they engineer is the Supacat Launch and Recovery System. This has been developed by them in conjunction with the RNLI.

As you would imagine, lifeboats and their crews need to hit the water swiftly, smoothly and safely in an emergency. Then come ashore in the same way.

Often in terrible weather and always in and around sand and saltwater. All elements that can take their toll on even the most robust and best-made equipment!

The RNLI needed a transport system that was highly mobile in any terrain around UK seafronts – from cobbled proms to muddy estuary banks. This launch and recovery system was required to support a new class of lifeboat the RNLI was commissioning.

Various elements of this transport equipment were going to be crucial, but none more so than the wheels! These needed to be wholly reliable, keeping their strength and integrity even in under pressure from weight and the elements.

Working with the specifiers at Supacat, Custom Moulded Polyurethane rose to the challenge. We created a flawless and trustworthy wheel unit to operate within the Launch and Recovery System.

That was not where our involvement with this exciting project ended though.

We were also called on to provide other parts made from tough and substance-resistant polyurethane, including Winch Rollers, Keel Guide and Track Support Rollers.

These too were crafted from a carefully formulated polyurethane mix and moulded to offer perfect functionality.

Having parts which can withstand the test of time (and tides) brings a residual benefit to the RNLI too. This organisation relies on charitable funding and every penny it spends needs to be accounted for and used wisely.

The addition of important polyurethane parts in launch and recovery systems supports this agenda. They will not need to be replaced for some time, reducing costs and disruption.

We can help you weather the storms!

So, the next time we hear of an RNLI rescue launch, the team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane will feel like we paid a small role in supporting the vital work of this organisation. As well as being proud to be chosen by Supacat to support its innovative production work.

For more information about how Custom Moulded Polyurethane can rise to your design and engineering challenge, and keep the ‘wheels turning’ within your important project, please contact us today.