How customised polyurethane moulding can help your business

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Testing new part suppliers can drop down priority lists. Let alone prototyping in new materials. We outline how customised polyurethane moulding can help your business, making a switch to polyurethane parts a commercial advantage.

If you are a deadlines-driven organisation or under intense economic pressure, then it can seem easier and quicker to commission prototypes or bulk orders from existing part suppliers. Especially if you feel they provide you with favourable terms.

Not least as experimenting with alternative materials to create the parts and components can seem like a time commitment you could do without. If something works, why change it, right?

However, it’s highly recommended that you revisit any ‘habitual part ordering’ you do.

Especially, when you consider the many ways customised polyurethane moulding can help your business.

Malleable, elastic or rock hard? You choose

This is one of the most important reasons to explore the benefits of switching to polyurethane to produce a part or component.

Your spec – in terms of dimensions, tensile properties and performance values – can be swiftly transformed into the perfect custom poly part. That’s because, in the right hands, polyurethane can be moulded accurately into any shape – no matter how complex – and with an unbeatable range of ‘shore hardness’ values.

You can have it as hard as metal and stone, as soft as foam, or commission polyurethane as a liquid adhesive for instance.

The possibilities are endless.

Durability of polyurethane

The durability of polyurethane

Another important advantage of switching to polyurethane to create the parts and components your company uses, is it could well save you a large amount of time and money.

Polyurethane is incredibly hard wearing and can be formulated to withstand considerable weight, friction, abrasion and environmental interference. Unlike alternative materials, it won’t distort, crack, break, shed, flake or rot!

This means commissioning customised polyurethane parts reduces the frequency of replacement, and therefore downtime for machinery and equipment.

Additional benefits of customised polyurethane

Apart from polyurethane’s incredible reliability and life cycle, you could also benefit from other values it provides, compared to traditional part materials.

For example, polyurethane wheels and casters operate much quieter than nylon or metal alternatives. The sound management of customised polyurethane parts also runs alongside the thermal qualities of this material. Making it ideal for construction materials, for example, or elements of machinery that require noise or heat control.

Its ability to be moulded to the ideal tensile specifications also means polyurethane wheels and other moving parts won’t scratch or mark surfaces they run across, such as flooring.

Do you need to purchase parts that absorb vibrational energy, such as for steering and wheel bushes? Polyurethane is ideal for this.

Keep in mind too, that the right blend of polyurethane can withstand temperature extremes and incursion from mould and mildew superbly, unlike other options.

Fast and versatile part R&D services

This point is not just how customised polyurethane moulding can help your business, but also how our team can problem solve and offer you great reasons to switch part suppliers.

Our partnership with clients is the main reason we have such an unparalleled reputation for producing polyurethane parts to order. We can mould this versatile and dependable material into any shape, form and tensile parameter. For every kind of part you can think of, including rollers, blocks, couplings, pads, mounts, wheels and many more examples.

We can take a brief from a variety of source materials, and quickly create a flawless prototype using our advanced CAD capabilities and in-depth experience of moulding polyurethane. We also have sophisticated cutting and finishing equipment and skills – such as the latest waterjet cutting technology. For when a flawless edge is needed on a new part.

It all adds up to a reassuring amount of knowledge and capacity, making our response to new enquiries fast and efficient. 

Cost of custom moulded polyurethane

If the promise of a quick turnaround, and the advantages of polyurethane moulded parts, seem attractive, then your next thought may be whether the cost makes this switch worthwhile.

Clearly, we are happy to provide a quick quote for customised polyurethane moulding, to match your brief perfectly. We are confident that you will be impressed with the low cost of polyurethane prototypes, or even bulk runs of bespoke parts made from polyurethane.

Making the process of changing to a new supplier – and possibly an alternative part material – painless and commercial common sense.