Water Jet Cutting Services

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Its invention transformed the field of precision engineering, and it provides diverse advantages, but who needs industrial waterjet cutting?

If you thought industrial waterjet cutting was a relatively new concept, you will be interested to note it’s been since the 1800s!

Clearly, the technology behind waterjet equipment is now far more advanced, and the results are incredible, as is the growing list of who needs it!

By mixing water and carefully selected abrasive materials and putting them under intense pressure, water jet cutting specialists can now slice their way through metals and stones, or adjust settings to delicately shape foam, glass and ceramics. As it is a cold cut, inflammable materials can be safety shaped, and it produces no harmful gases or dust.

Any shape or form of prototype or manufactured part is possible with industrial waterjet cutting. Including intricate etching and cutouts and creating sharp angles accurate to 0.001 inches.

This is why the team at CMP say: “If you can draw it, we can cut it.”

From various types of computer-generated artwork, water jet cutting service industrial waterjet cutting</a> services can produce an exact match to your specifications.

Unlike alternative methods to engineer parts and components, waterjet equipment doesn’t produce often hard to see deflects on the surface,

There’s more about what is waterjet cutting elsewhere on our site. The key question here is, who needs to outsource waterjet cutting projects?

Aerospace parts and structures

aerospace-industry waterjet cutting
This is one of the most obvious sectors that need to commission industrial waterjet cutting services. Many lives can depend on every structure, part and component being engineered to perfection, at a microscopic level.
Waterjet cutting services can be equally accurate and efficient whether they are producing engine components or structures made from titanium and heat-resistant alloys, interior cabin panels or highly specialist control panel elements.

There are aeroplane features cut by water jetting from the seats and skins to the landing gear and brakes.

As aerospace and defence companies regularly need prototypes cut from carbon fibre – or demanding metal fabrication projects – the way waterjet equipment avoids heat, fumes and micro-fissures makes it the perfect solution.

Automotive parts and structures

Manufacturers and engineering companies linked to automation regularly outsource part and structure creation to industrial waterjet cutting specialists. Not least as waterjet cutting has become by far the most popular method of producing a flawlessly accurate finish.

It also enables automotive companies to commission neat, clean cuts through even 10-inch thick steel plates, or to commission small metal parts with complex designs. This sector – like aerospace – values the ability to create parts and structures quickly, including extensive runs when every unit is 100% consistent.

From body panels and insulation to brake and exhaust systems, industrial waterjet cutting meets a vast range of precision engineering needs.

Industrial water jetting and electronics

Mention has already been made of how in skilled hands, water jetting can craft even small and intricate prototypes and parts. Including being an often preferred method of engineering components used in the electronics industry.

Circuit boards, enclosures, panels and generator parts are on the ‘shopping list’ for many electronics companies outsourcing production tasks.

Use of waterjet cutting in medical equipment

medical industry water jet cutting


Accuracy and a pristine surface are key factors in why medical and surgical equipment is often engineered using industrial waterjet cutting technology too.

This is one of the commercial fields that also values its sustainability and safety credentials, as part of supply chain excellence. Complex designs for medical and surgical devices and tools can be cut accurately in one fluid motion, saving time and money.

How industrial waterjet cutting supports Architecture/Design

design industry water jet cutting


This is where the creative applications of waterjet cutting technology are largely concentrated. It can be used to craft a wide array of features for buildings and hard landscaping projects, for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Examples include cutting lettering and artwork, through to precious engineering metalwork, stone, marble and glass.

Food Manufacturing and waterjet cutting

food industry waterjet cutting


When listing which sectors need waterjet cutting services the food industry may not be the first to come to mind. However, this safe and sterile cutting method can be applied to a multitude of manufacturing tasks when precision has to be guaranteed.

Industrial waterjet cutting is cheap and fast too, making it an attractive option to engineer multi-order parts for food production equipment.

How to commission industrial waterjet cutting

The capabilities of industrial waterjet cutting are vast. New applications emerge regularly, as CMP works with clients to engineer prototypes across diverse industrial sectors.

To explore the advantages of using water to meet your engineering requirements, the first step is to get in touch. We are happy to share our expertise and experience!