polyurethanes on a tractor

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Polyurethanes are elastomers, they are versatile and impact resistant, making PU popular in many different industries. However, when answering the question of  ‘what is polyurethane?’, it is often helpful to review the history of PU manufacturing in order to better understand how the material  was developed.  Professor Dr. Otto Bayer The chemistry behind polyurethanes was… Read more »

poly moulded product

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One of the reasons polyurethane is better than other materials is that it can be custom moulded to your purpose, including injection moulding. This blog post looks at what Poly Mouldings are, what they’re used for and where to get them. What is Polyurethane moulding? There are many different ways you can custom mould polyurethane,… Read more »

Red polyurethane rod.

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Polyurethane rods are one of the most commonly used PU products, due to the extensive list of utilisations for the product across multiple industry sectors. This blog post will present an overview of the different applications for Polyurethane Rods, and why Polyurethane is a preferable material to use. What are Polyurethane rods? Polyurethane was first… Read more »

Three blocks of polyurethane.

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When most people hear ‘poly’ they think of plastic. So is polyurethane plastic? And if not, what is polyurethane? Whilst PU is part of a plastic family, thermoset polyurethanes are elastomers and not plastics. This blog will highlight the differences between polyurethane and plastic, how it is formed, and its key features and benefits. Did… Read more »

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Did you know that choosing polyurethane can be a sustainable option for engineering parts and products? This may lead to you questioning whether you can recycle polyurethanes too. Pressures to find cost-effective and flawless parts and components to ‘drive the wheels of industry’ now co-exist with a strong sustainability agenda. Corporate responsibility has led to… Read more »

Polyurethane in the agriculture industry

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Tough, weather-resistant and incredibly versatile and cost-effective, polyurethane products for the agriculture industry are becoming commonplace. Could you commission a PU prototype? One of the places that polyurethane’s many advantages are most powerfully obvious, is on machinery that’s used outdoors. Making it increasingly the material of choice to engineer products and parts for the agriculture… Read more »

polyurethane parts

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How much does it cost to cast polyurethane parts? is a question we get asked a lot. Analysing the cost of casting polyurethane parts means looking at various factors. From the value of getting a fast, flawless solution – to the unrivalled durability of PU parts. The short answer to the question in this title… Read more »

Pu wheels

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PU wheels are racing to the top of parts purchasing lists in a wide range of industries. In this guide, we answer what are PU wheels and explain why they are ‘the way to go’. It’s easy to assume that you don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and find new materials for parts that drive… Read more »

future polyurethane uses

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There’s been a long spell of exciting growth trends for polyurethane. However, the peak in demand is still a long way off. What are future polyurethane uses? Regular readers of our polyurethane guides and insights will know that we believe this versatile material is limitless in its ability to craft parts and components. Whatever the… Read more »

5 incredible polyurethane facts

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With so much potential to unravel and with such a complex manufacturing process involved, we provide 5 incredible polyurethane facts to build specifier knowledge. It’s absolutely everywhere these days. Polyurethane features in buildings, cars, playboxes, wardrobes and gardens, as well as featuring heavily in the wheels (and other parts) that drive industry. Yet polyurethane and… Read more »