5 incredible polyurethane facts

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With so much potential to unravel and with such a complex manufacturing process involved, we provide 5 incredible polyurethane facts to build specifier knowledge. It’s absolutely everywhere these days. Polyurethane features in buildings, cars, playboxes, wardrobes and gardens, as well as featuring heavily in the wheels (and other parts) that drive industry. Yet polyurethane and… Read more »

Our water jet cutting process explained

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Fast prototyping and full volume production of even the most intricate shapes are guaranteed, when you optimise the advantages and capabilities of the water jet cutting process. Water under well-directed pressure can slice through just about anything. The latest water jet cutting equipment makes short work of metal and stone of up to around 200mm… Read more »

What are conveyor belt rollers?

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The ‘wheels of industry’ are often in fact cylinders; the conveyor belt rollers that underpin countless production and goods-handling processes. Is it time to move your thinking on rollers? Millions of pounds worth of belt-type elevators, conveyors and turntables are bought each year in the UK, to move goods and materials around. They feature in… Read more »

Polyurethane versus Nylon: which makes better wheels?

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Does specifying nylon or polyurethane wheels and casters depend on the function and performance aims you have? We look at polyurethane versus nylon, considering both options to see what material makes the best wheels. The diversity of wheels needed to drive manufacturing, engineering and warehousing equipment is incredible. This means specifying the perfect part involves… Read more »

How customised polyurethane moulding can help your business

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Testing new part suppliers can drop down priority lists. Let alone prototyping in new materials. We outline how customised polyurethane moulding can help your business, making a switch to polyurethane parts a commercial advantage. If you are a deadlines-driven organisation or under intense economic pressure, then it can seem easier and quicker to commission prototypes… Read more »

Custom waterjet cutting

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Exploring the possibilities of custom waterjet cutting can potentially save you time and money on prototypes and multiple part orders. Are there limitless opportunities to cut with water under pressure? There are often four main targets when a company needs a part or component precision engineered: for the outcome to be 100% accurate when compared… Read more »

Polyurethane versus rubber

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Some industry specifiers ‘bounce’ back to rubber for new and replacement parts. Should they be switching to polyurethane instead? Which is right for your project, polyurethane or rubber? Polyurethane has properties and purposes in common with rubber but it is fast replacing both natural and synthetic forms. There are many good reasons for that, as… Read more »

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There are many myths and misconceptions about polyurethane. We explore some of the worst ones to show how safe and versatile this material is for a vast range of purposes and products. Foams, adhesives, wheels, rollers, bushes, thermal insulating materials, soundproofing boards and super-strong supports and stops; the list of items that can be successfully… Read more »


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If you’re thinking of replacing your current parts and components with an alternative material, there are five key benefits of Polyurethane you’ll want to know about. When it comes to parts like bushes, wheels and tubing, there is debate over the best material for the job. While elastomers like silicone and rubber may be used… Read more »