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The versatility and durability of polyurethane parts mean they are finding their way into every corner of the industry. Their diversity is phenomenal, making it interesting to see how we create these custom polyurethane parts. From a basic chemical reaction to a vital part that performs flawlessly, the methods used to produce high-performance polyurethane items… Read more »

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Mud flaps serve a multitude of purposes and face considerable wear and tear on commercial vehicles. Specifying polyurethane products optimises their advantages and durability. But why is polyurethane the best material for your custom mud flaps? Polyurethane is the ‘go-to’ solution for a growing list of standard automotive parts and components. The team at Custom… Read more »

Launch and Recovery System

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How low can you go? Or how precise or intricate can you be? These are just some of the questions about precision-engineered parts that Custom Moulded Polyurethane answers when companies are looking for bespoke polyurethane products. In the age of automation, keeping the wheels of industry turning often requires microscopic detailing for the smallest of… Read more »

Water Jet Cutting Services

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Precision engineering complex parts – from a wide range of materials – takes a special set of skills, advanced technology, and in-depth experience of traditional cutting methods. We outline why water jet cutting rises to the top. The natural force of water is awe-inspiring, from creating immense renewable energy in Hydropower Works, to cutting intricate… Read more »

How long do polyurethane products last?

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Replacing parts made of polyurethane is something you rarely need to do. When durability matters, specifying this material can save you money but also time. Why is polyurethane so long-lasting and when will it wear out? There are not many suppliers of parts for industry who can boast that customers will not necessarily need to… Read more »

Custom Moulded Polyurethane LTD branding

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The performance and cost advantages of using polyurethane to engineer parts are clear. However, the quality still depends on the level of moulding or cutting expertise involved. Why does Custom Moulded Polyurethane lead the field? Having the experience, technology and skills needed to create bespoke polyurethane products must run alongside other business qualities in the… Read more »

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How and why is Polyurethane Manufactured? How can the same substance be a coating, comfortable foam and an incredibly strong and dense part such as a wheel or stop? The secret is in the way polyurethane is manufactured. So, let’s look at this fascinating process. The incredible and unrivalled versatility of polyurethane revolves around the… Read more »

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The way polyurethane is made and its reaction to intense heat requires careful thought and management. However, this guide shows that the answer to the question ‘Are polyurethane products toxic?’ is a highly reassuring, no! There is a natural tendency to be cautious of manmade materials, particularly ones created using a chemical reaction. Also, there… Read more »

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If you were asked what is polyurethane you may well have a succinct answer. We throw the spotlight on some lesser-known facts about this highly versatile and prolifically used polymer. Polyurethane now plays a massive role in everyday life – featuring in everything from cushions to aircraft. It’s also a much-favoured substance for moulding manufacturing… Read more »

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With its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, polyurethane is an increasingly important material across diverse trade sectors. Answering three of the commonly asked questions about Polyurethane can further illustrate its value. Summing up the capabilities and possibilities of polyurethane is not an easy task. Not least as the many applications of this highly durable and versatile substance… Read more »