safety cages

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The way polyurethane is made and its reaction to intense heat requires careful thought and management. However, this guide shows that the answer to the question ‘Are polyurethane products toxic?’ is a highly reassuring, no! There is a natural tendency to be cautious of manmade materials, particularly ones created using a chemical reaction. Also, there… Read more »


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If you were asked what is polyurethane you may well have a succinct answer. We throw the spotlight on some lesser-known facts about this highly versatile and prolifically used polymer. Polyurethane now plays a massive role in everyday life – featuring in everything from cushions to aircraft. It’s also a much-favoured substance for moulding manufacturing… Read more »

polyurethane mouldings

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With its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, polyurethane is an increasingly important material across diverse trade sectors. Answering three of the commonly asked questions about Polyurethane can further illustrate its value. Summing up the capabilities and possibilities of polyurethane is not an easy task. Not least as the many applications of this highly durable and versatile substance… Read more »

polyurethane chairs

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Furniture manufacturers are increasingly using polyurethane to manage costs and support strong customer satisfaction. Why is this? We look at the many uses of polyurethane in furniture, and their advantages. If you had to pick the main benefit of polyurethane as a manufacturing material, it’s likely to be its incredible versatility. However, the words ‘cost-effective’… Read more »

Polyurethane can be used as an adhesive

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Polyurethane finds its way into a highly diverse range of applications – from abrasion and impact resistant rollers to comfortable, cushioning memory foam. So how can this same substance be an adhesive? We explore PU’s unique bonding abilities. The growing number of ways to use polyurethane in manufacturing and engineering including one that’s likely to… Read more »

polyurethane helmet

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Polyurethane is a versatile material known for its strength, reliability and diverse applications in a wide range of industries. One thing it is not so often credited for is its life-saving properties. We live on a planet with limited resources and we must only take from it what we need. People around the world are… Read more »

Launch and Recovery System

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As an island nation, the United Kingdom has a rich maritime heritage. Throughout the hundreds of marinas dotted around the British coastline, one of the most common sights is custom moulded polyurethane wheels and castors. Polyurethane is an incredibly versatile material and its applications for the boat industry are diverse. It is used to make… Read more »


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Having one material that solves limitless industrial and engineering design requirements sounds too good to be true. However, the versatility of polyurethane (PU) is now well known, and it is in demand in countless automotive, constructions, electronics, power and agricultural applications. The economic repercussions are considerable. What many specifiers are beginning to realise is that… Read more »

polyurethane gym flooring

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We are entering interesting times in the sport and fitness sector, with a blossoming marketplace but also the need to protect profit margins more fiercely than ever. Polyurethane could well emerge from the ‘pack’ to become even more of a winning formula. The buoyancy of the sports equipment market could well be boosted by post-pandemic… Read more »

Polyurethane for the car industry

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Polyurethane applications to help steer automotive innovation and cost control   Summary: How is polyurethane helping companies in automotive supply chains to cope with current challenges and future trends? The answer is in the unique properties this material has to be formulated and moulded with precision. Polyurethane in vehicles is not confined simply to the… Read more »