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There are many applications for polyurethane in products we use in our day-to-day lives. The vast majority of the world’s consumption of polyurethane comes in the form of foams, both flexible and rigid, for a diverse range of applications. It usually plays a role in the production of other materials, like upholstery fabrics, the construction… Read more »

dumper 4T 009

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Although you may not know it, at some point you will have encountered a polyurethane product. We’re also 100% certain you will own or have used an item containing polyurethane. Why? Polyurethane is a synthetic resin that is available in many forms. It is mainly made up of urethane and polymer chemical compounds that are… Read more »

Dry Dock Gate Rollers - Submarine

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You may not be immediately familiar with polyurethane, but you’ve definitely come across it from time to time. Chances are you will have handled everyday objects that are made in part by polyurethane. And these are the most common products that will put you in touch with the substance.  Elastomers An elastomer is a natural… Read more »

Polyurethane Cable Drum Rollers

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Even in the age of technology, the integrity and reliability of basic machinery components such as rollers are still a priority, for a diverse range of manufacturing and materials processing companies. Getting traditional machinery components such as these 100% right can play a key role in product quality and consistency, and also in avoiding production… Read more »

polyurethane gear wheels

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Manufacturing engineers, machinery designers, grading operatives and a wide range of other industry professionals work with polyurethane star wheels every day. Did you ever stop to consider the role they play and the reasons they’re increasing made from polyurethane? What’s meant by a star wheel? Let’s start by looking at some of the other names… Read more »

Vortex Shredder subsleeve

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Polyurethanes are some of the most versatile and useful polymers that we have today. They exist in many different forms, which have various uses. Polymers are synthetic materials made by joining together long chains of complex organic molecules called monomers. Better known to us as plastics, polymers are an integral part of modern industrialisation and… Read more »

ViV strake 9" made from polyurethane

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  From its initial development as a substitute for rubber during World War Two, polyurethane has grown in strength as a versatile, multi-purpose material suitable for use in a wide range of circumstances. Created by reacting a polyol with a polymer diisocyanate in the presence of appropriate catalysts and additives, this substance has as many… Read more »

Flow waterjet cutting

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Waterjets have become one of the fastest-growing machine tool processes in the world. This success comes down to its ability to cut through all types of hard and soft material including steel, granite, wood and rubber as well as remove industrial coatings from structures.   But where did this fascinating technology begin? You may be… Read more »

rebonded wheels

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If you’re looking for a wheel material that’s suitable for a wide number of applications and offers a host of benefits, you’ve likely come across polyurethane. But are polyurethane wheels actually worth your investment?  The simple answer is yes! These are just five of the broad number of benefits that polyurethane wheels offer.    Floor… Read more »

Polyurethane uses, benefits and sustainability

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Since its very first inception, polyurethane has achieved a position of importance unrivalled by any other industrial product due to its ability to strike the ideal balance between versatility, resilience and sustainability. And as new formulations and processes continue to be developed, it is likely that derivatives of polyurethane will come to take the place… Read more »