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Water is such a malleable thing that it’s easy to forget how “sharp” it can be when fired under intense pressure. Which is why water jet cutting is such an incredibly versatile and precise way to create well-defined edges on a large range of materials. It is also a fast way to create accurate cuts,… Read more »

example of waterjet cutting - NR

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Water jet cutting is a versatile and powerful method that enables work on a wide range of materials of varying thickness, with minimal damage to the material and low costs. Given the power of water jet cutting however, it’s important that a high level of accuracy is maintained throughout the process.  The water jet is… Read more »

Vortex Shredder subsleeve

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Polyurethane is a versatile, resilient type of plastic that is now found almost everywhere in daily life. Combining the flexibility of rubber with the toughness of metal, it has become a vital component in a huge range of everyday products, from wheels and refrigerators to clothes, shoes and mattresses. It is now widely used by… Read more »

Polyurethane Cable Drum Rollers

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Having your used or worn out rollers or Polyurethane Wheels re-covered or repaired will save you money and keep your machines running at peak efficiency. By throwing away your used and worn out rollers, you endure the expense of ordering completely new parts, core and all. In most cases the body of your roller, or... Read more »


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Product Prototyping saves you time and money If you need to test a new product or part to see if it will work before putting it into production, product prototyping can save you time and money in the early design and development process. With a prototype you are able to test the form and function of your… Read more »

water jet cutting fibreglass

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If you are considering your cutting options as part of a production process, find out why water jet cutting may be the answer. Advantages of Water Jet Cutting The biggest advantage of Water jet profiling is it’s cold cutting, erosion process. This emits no hazardous materials and has a very tight tolerance control. It can cut extremely… Read more »


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We are proud to be suppliers of industry standard and custom polyurethane components to the Aerospace industry. We use specific engineering grade, cast-able polyurethane for all our aerospace products, which include: Bump stops wear pads Viscous dampers Gimble rings Rods and tubes Link components Our engineers have extensive experience in the manufacture of parts and assemblies. In… Read more »

Heathrow airport terminal

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The Custom Moulded Polyurethane team manufactured the Polyurethane infra red sensor housing installed at Heathrow Airpots Terminal 5 car parks. The Brief Heathrow Airport operator BAA, wanted it’s clients to experience stress free parking in all three parking areas and over 7,000 of it’s parking spaces. Offering a fully automated system, which indicated free spaces and… Read more »

Polyurethane wheels for the 4-Track Articulated 3.2 tonne Telehandler

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There’s always a bit of a buzz at the factory when we’re asked to work on big machines, like the JCB Telehandler. The Brief The team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane were asked to worked with the Design Engineer at Moorend Ltd to convert this JCB Telehandler from pneumatic tyres to Catapilla tracks. What we did Our… Read more »