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Scraper blades and wipers feature on a wide range of farm, road maintenance and engineering equipment. We explore the way polyurethane scraper blades are made for optimum performance.

Task-specific polyurethane scraper blades and wipers find their way into a diverse range of processes, machinery and locations. They feature particularly heavily in horticulture, agriculture, road maintenance, mining and quarrying, and fixed bar box scrapers on construction sites.

However, they are in demand wherever a client needs blades that support the automated removal of either dry or wet substances. In some cases, both.

Scrapers have been used since prehistoric times, for hide work and woodwork, probably bone. However, modern versions are increasing custom-crafted in polyurethane. There is a growing appreciation that PU blades of all kinds offer durability and reliability, at a surprisingly low unit cost.

How does this increasingly commonly used material manage to fulfil so many purposes? Let’s answer that, by looking ‘below the surface’ at how polyurethane scraper blades are made to order.

Scraping beneath the surface of a blade brief

Dimensions are not the only things that need to be accurate when you are looking for a custom-made blade or wiper. At Custom Moulded Polyurethane, we work with clients to create a drilled down brief. Including all the physical properties and purposes of this polyurethane part.

It covers such data as shore hardness, tensile strength, level of elasticity, compression resilience, temperature resilience and precise dimensions. Other considerations would include whether this part needs to be able to withstand excess vibration or extremes of temperature, such as snowplough blades.

This detailed brief is then used to calibrate both the type of polyurethane blend that will fit the task at hand and the mould design to create a flawless fit.

As you probably already realise, polyurethane’s unique chemical structure means it can be anything from a spray foam, adhesive or cushions, to a rock hard unit with all the strength of metal. Getting the mix right for each type of scraper blade endows the finished unit with the ability to perform exactly as required.

This includes highly flexible blades that transfer small amounts of moisture off surfaces (acting like a squeegee) to scrapers that move large quantities of gravel and sharp stones away. It is also possible to vary the sides of a polyurethane scraper, for example, to create a strong slurry wiper that distributes evenly but stands the test of time.

Making moulds to create custom blades and wipers

With the required performance attributes built into the polyurethane blend, the best mix is then put into moulds. These are designed using a combination of the latest 3D-creation software and vast experience in what works best.

The moulds can be incredibly intricate, creating pinpoint accurate detailing on any features needed in scrapper blades, such as indentations, slots, holes, complex cut-outs or protrusions. Any finishing required – such as micro-accurate drilling – is also easily accomplished, due to the incredible tensile properties of each custom polyurethane blend.

This ensures that the polyurethane scraper blades can be slotted into place instantly and they will perform brilliantly long term.

Common benefits of polyurethane scraper blades

What features do all polyurethane scraper blades and wipers share? They are all resistant to abrasion, moisture, oil, mildew and many potentially corrosive chemicals. Even if they are elongated yard scraper blades on heavy-duty farm and ground maintenance machinery, they can stand firm against a wide range of substances that would warp, crack, dent or rot rubber and metal alternatives.

The fact that polyurethane scraper blades and wipers can outlast those made of other materials – even in the most demanding conditions – makes them even better value for money. Particularly when you factor in that durable scraper blades and wipers reduce the amount of time machinery and vehicles spend out of action to have replacements fitted.

Best supplier of custom polyurethane scraper blades

The team as Custom Moulder Polyurethane are always happy to quote for made to order polyurethane parts and components, including scraper blades in any colour and size, and for any purpose. We can even colour match them to your machinery or corporate identity or create colour coded scraper blades for ease of identification.