9″ ViV Strake

When a water current flows past a cylindrical object, such as a riser pipe on an oil rig platform, it creates a phenomenon called vortex-induced vibration. This vibration can damage the drill riser pipe, causing it to eventually fail due to metal fatigue. To prevent substantial fatigue damage, polyurethane 9″ViV strakes are installed to suppress vibration. Polyurethane Anti ViV strakes are fitted over at least, part of the tubular pipe span from the rig platform to the seabed.
Custom Moulded Polyurethane Ltd manufacture a range of sizes for these polyurethane Anti ViV strakes for a high-profile company, who service the oil industry. Following extensive development work, with our customer’s design engineers, we developed and supplied polyurethane Anti ViV strakes to an advanced specification in order to comply with major offshore energy companies strict anti-drop policy on oil rig platforms