Polyurethane Scraper Blades

CMP Manufacture all types of scraper blades, in a range of shore hardness and colours to suit your requirements.

One of the main uses for polyurethane scraper blades is to replace components in fixed bar box scrapers within farm, grounds maintenance and road contracting equipment. You can also commonly find fixed bar box scrapers on building sites and scraper blades also feature in mining and quarrying operations.




Fixed Bar Box Scrapers fit subcompact tractors and are ideal for light-duty applications on farms, ranches, and home owner lanes and roadways.

Series Box Scrapers are ideal for ripping, levelling, finish grading, and back filling applications at feedlots, outdoor arenas, building sites, and maintenance operations on farm and ranch lanes or roadways.

Why specify polyurethane?

One of the other massive advantages of commissioning scraper blades made of polyurethane is the infinite ways this base material can be mixed to produce the right performance factors.

The result is polyurethane scraper blades in a range of shore hardness, depending on how resistant you need them to be to indentation, and what sort of substance you are scrapping!

With increased elasticity built-in they can even cut down on resistance and abrasion if they are passing over easy-to-damage surfaces.

It is possible for us to precision cut polyurethane blades to match every type of cutting, scraping and levelling equipment, using specially formulated compounds and high-tech moulding techniques.

There are some more advantages of using polyurethane scraper blades too. These include the incredible durability and tensile strength of this option. It is highly resistant to damage from extreme temperatures, excessive moisture and long term use.

This all means that you will have scraper blades that last, minimising the need to dismantle agriculture and construction equipment to replace this component. Offering you less downtime, waste and potential for blades to snap, distort or fail to fulfil their function.

There are more great reasons to commission custom moulded polyurethane scraper blades too. They will offer a valuable level of resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals. This is another way in which this material can ensure that your box scraper blades last longer than rubber ones, and provide you with unfailing reliability in equipment that operates in heavy-duty situations.

Where to buy bespoke scraper blades

As polyurethane lends itself so well to custom moulding, it’s the perfect solution if you need scraper blades that are very specific to a piece of equipment and its tasks.

It is possible to produce blades to exact size, from small numbers to major runs. This covers blades across shore hardness scales too.

Getting scraper blades that can be installed quickly and easily can also involve being specific about features on this component. That can mean relying on our expertise and equipment to not only shape but also drill the polyurethane blades. For example, we can easily add in holes, slots and other cutouts.

Some clients find it handy to be able to commission moulded polyurethane scraper blades in different colours too. This can be to match them to corporate livery or to colour code different equipment. Or even to easily identify different sections of fixed bar scraping machinery.

Get in touch with the team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane to discuss your scraper blade requirements.

Keep in mind that we can fulfil production briefs for any dimensions and degrees of hardness, to produce scraper blades that are durable and trustworthy.