Launch and Recovery System

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How low can you go? Or how precise or intricate can you be? These are just some of the questions about precision-engineered parts that Custom Moulded Polyurethane answers when companies are looking for bespoke polyurethane products.

In the age of automation, keeping the wheels of industry turning often requires microscopic detailing for the smallest of parts. For all the technological advantages we have achieved, productivity levels can still depend on the reliability of a simple cog, stop guide or roller for example.

Yet, these essential parts are often not universal items you can buy ‘off the shelf’. In fact, different processes in the same piece of kit can require a diverse set of parts crafted with barely discernible differences.

The building, repairing or upgrading advanced machinery or structures now also demands durable parts. This avoids costly downtime replacing elements that should cope with extensive use, even resisting moisture, oil, heat and other daily perils.

To find parts that match such demanding and exacting briefs, companies are increasingly relying on the team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane. Not least as we are fast and inexpensive too.

How do we work with you to create bespoke parts with such unfailing success?

We have sophisticated precision engineering skills and machinery at our command, but the story begins with a traditional attribute that differentiates much of what we do. We listen, to help establish a working partnership with every client. Even if you only need a prototype for your bespoke polyurethane products.

Our R&D experts then drill down on the exact specifications with a passion, to provide a feasible and cost-effective solution.

Next, we craft a made to order mould. Or we programme our water jet cutting machinery. The data we use can be from computer coded designs or bitmap files, or we can scan in physical drawings and photos. Yes, we have even met briefs that are rough sketches on scraps of paper. We love a challenge.

bespoke polyurethane products to fit specific needs

From prototypes to part production

In most cases, a client requests a prototype to test and verify. When this is approved, the made to order part can be replicated in short runs or produced in large numbers.

Of course, not everyone who contacts us wants a bespoke part or a complex design transformed into a detailed finished item. Some clients approach us for commonly used items made for polyurethane. As we have the moulds – and the experience of cutting shapes accurately – we can process these orders in record time.


How creative can custom parts be?

As you would imagine, the speed, intricacy, and accuracy that we offer make us vital to automotive, aerospace, oil, gas and manufacturing companies. However, we find our ability to create bespoke parts comes in handy for all sorts of organisations.

Let’s look at two vivid illustrations of how our team have responded to requests for innovative bespoke polyurethane products for highly distinct purposes.

Heathrow Airport was installing magnetic sensors to manage parking at the massively busy Terminal 5. They came to us to create the housings that would protect the sensors. The finished parts are able to withstand significant vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the British weather.

Custom Moulded Polyurethane also came to the rescue of the RNLI We designed a new type of polyurethane wheel – and supplied Winch Rollers, Keel Guide and Track Support Rollers – to get the Supacat launch and recovery system up and running for a new class of lifeboat.

The list of companies who have used us to innovate for less dramatic purposes is long. Each project is treated with equal dedication and urgency.

Launch and Recovery System - bespoke polyurethane products for RNLI

How quickly can bespoke polyurethane products be engineered?

At every stage, we respond as quickly as we can to a new request. It’s difficult to put a definite time scale to any order as it depends on so many variables, such as moulding, quantity and size. But if you have a project in mind, we will happily discuss or requirements over the phone to give you a precise time scale.

What CAN’T we do?

This is the million-dollar question. We can design bespoke parts from even the most challenging of briefs and mould polyurethane into an incredibly diverse range of complex shapes, We can also waterjet cut materials (from foam to dense metal) into complex designs. So, our limits are hard to find!

Why not test this claim for yourself. Contact us for a no-obligation chat about the bespoke part or component you need, and the cutting edge prices we offer.