Water Jet Cutting Services

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Diverse – and surprisingly strong – materials can be precision-shaped using water under pressure. Read on to discover another five things you need to know about our waterjet cutting services.

CNC waterjet cutting technology has created a world of possibilities for manufacturing, engineering and construction companies. It’s now possible to cleanly slice through a vast range of materials, using the cutting power of water under controlled pressure.

When you add our expertise and experience to this development, it becomes possible to create even intricate and complex designs, while still meeting all vital quality perimeters consistently.

This is why growing numbers of specifiers are outsourcing the cutting of prototypes and parts to our water jet cutting services.

As we are best known as a supplier of polyurethane parts, it’s time to cut deeper into some of the ways we apply our waterjet cutting skills to a wider range of job specs.

Versatility, with no material limitations

To support our role as a leader in the precision-engineered moulded polyurethane sector, we have invested heavily in the latest cutting tools and training. This includes developing water jet cutting services that encompass a very mixed bag of briefs!

In the interests of transparency, cutting, trimming and shaping polyurethane will always be our professional focus. However, we can adapt our technology and abilities to handle any other commonly used material.

That includes slicing through metal, stone – even granite and marble – and composites, with incredible accuracy and acumen. Do you need glass cut preciously, or fibreglass shaped safely and to a high standard? Not a problem for us.

We can even make light work of cutting challenging materials such as ceramics.

Our water jet cutting services have also been used to shape everything from construction foams and pliable rubber to armour plating!

Fast order turnaround for cutting projects using water jets

Nothing tends to phase our waterjet cutting machine team, not even tight deadlines.

Doing this daily, and having access to advanced CNC tech, means our water jet cutting services can complete new briefs quickly. It requires no tool changes to cut using waterjets and avoids many secondary processes.

This speed can be vital if you need a quick turnaround on a prototype or an emergency consignment of parts. From receiving an initial enquiry for our water jet cutting services to delivering a flawless result, can be a matter of hours!

Sustainability; water jet cutting services are kind to the environment

One thing the team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane don’t cut is ‘corners’. Either in terms of quality or environmental awareness.

Our water jet cutting services offer a kinder cutting method.

Not only does this shaping option protect the tensile values and structure of the materials involved, but it also protects the planet. There is heat or chemicals involved – just the power of recyclable water.

Waterjet cutting also avoids fumes, dust and other environmental risks.

Incredibly accurate, even for thick, heavy-duty materials

It is worth emphasising that trusting your prototype or part-production to experts in water jet cutting is a brilliant way to support innovation or pinpoint accuracy. Even when using heavy-duty materials.

As an illustration, laser cutting equipment can produce a precise result on metal and stone to a depth of around 2.5cm. A needle-sharp jet of water can cut to a depth 10 times higher!

Cutting with tensile integrity and a clean, crisp accurate finish

The advantages of using water jet cutting services to create your part or component don’t end there. They can also include protecting your ends!

Using water to cut, trim and shape materials produces a perfect edge. There is no chance of the material’s structure being compromised or altered. Whereas other cutting methods can buckle, warp, crack or shred the cut lines.

Clearly, if you need to create a flawlessly smooth and uniform edge, with no burrs, then waterjet cutting ‘gives you the edge’.

But can you do…….

It’s time to test us on our claim that we can cut anything – from any material – with our water jet cutting services.

Get in touch to chat about your precision engineering needs. We would be pleased to provide a price for water jet cutting services, and a turnaround estimate, to make short work of your prototype or product shaping criteria.