ViV strake 9" made from polyurethane

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From its initial development as a substitute for rubber during World War Two, polyurethane has grown in strength as a versatile, multi-purpose material suitable for use in a wide range of circumstances. Created by reacting a polyol with a polymer diisocyanate in the presence of appropriate catalysts and additives, this substance has as many different derivatives as it does potential applications, whether that’s through use as building insulation or in the creation of car frames. With the growth of so many associated industries, the demand for polyurethane is not likely to slow down any time soon. 


Growth in the market has been spearheaded by increasing demand for lightweight and durable materials for use in a variety of industries, not only limited to construction and automotive. Electronics, furniture, footwear, packaging; a diverse, expanding global economy necessitates a product that provides equally diverse uses. In particular, the reduced environmental impact of bio-based polyurethane is particularly attractive to many industries eager to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practice. These are all factors which are contributing to growing demand for polyurethane, the market value of which is expected to reach $81.7 billion by 2022.


As a consequence, it is important for businesses to remain fully informed on the potential avenues for the supply of this essential material, including which suppliers are the most credible and in-demand by other elements in the industry. 


Working with Custom Moulded Polyurethane


In the UK market, Custom Moulded Polyurethane is a name that stands out in the supply of customised polyurethane products of high quality. It is well-reviewed online, and benefits from access to a team with years of experience in the polyurethane manufacturing industry. 


Part of the reason for the strength of their name has been their ability to provide such a large number of different products, used by a multitude of industries for a range of uses. Their client list includes mining companies, oil and gas providers, renewable energy developers and the communication sector, though this list is not exhaustive, as they are able to adapt and customise their offering to suit the requirements of their customers. 


The types of products they create vary wildly. Due to the adaptability of polyurethane, its potential uses often seem limitless. 


Polyurethane wheels and bend restrictors 


To demonstrate the breadth of this potential, consider two common but demonstrably different products created by Custom Moulded Polyurethane. On the one hand, there is the polyurethane wheel. This is a product that was deliberately developed for use on a Supacat launch and recovery system. The L&RS was developed for use by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to allow their rescue boats to more easily enter and exit the water. Custom Moulded Polyurethane developed these wheels according to their use, making them capable of withstanding difficult terrain and treacherous weather conditions. 


On the other side of this is products like the Polyurethane Bend Restrictor. This product, made especially for use by the communications sector, is designed in such a way as to prevent essential cables or umbilicals from over-bending, reducing the risk of breakages or other such damages. 


They distinguish themselves as a company still further by offering additional services that introduce greater customisation options to their customers, such as water jet cutting. This cutting-edge technology is more beneficial than heat-related cutting processes as it avoids deformation and stress-related micro-fissures.


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The overall message coming out of Custom Moulded Polyurethane is their willingness to distinguish themselves from other competitors in the market by offering unparalleled customer service, with free quotes and sample packs part-and-parcel. Their team is always on-hand to answer calls or email, so get in touch now and learn more for yourself.