polyurethane tubes

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Polyurethane is a recyclable plastic that’s rigid or flexible. It’s used in many different products that include fabrics, mattresses and insulation. Here we explore 5 products that could be made from polyurethane that are currently not.

1. Waterproof coat

We are all now more aware about recycling our clothes and buying clothes that will last that much longer. At the moment there are many fabrics that are made with a polyurethane finish that makes the fabric waterproof.

This can be seen in products such as nappies and shower curtains. So why not use this technology for making a waterproof coat that features many layers?

We know that polyurethane can be both flexible and soft or hard, so why not combine these two properties to make an entire coat that is tough, durable and keeps you dry? All aspects of the coat could be made from polyurethane, including the zip, poppers and lining.

2. Bookshelves and bookcases

It is a well-known fact within the manufacturing world that polyurethane is much more pliable and easier to work with than wood. So, if you are trying to buy less wood for your home then one wonderful alternative would be to buy products that are made of polyurethane, such as shelving and bookcases.

Polyurethane shelving and bookcases would be just as strong as a wooden shelf and just as attractive. It’s already used in commercial flooring, so why not shelving?

It can be personalised to your choice of colour and finish, plus another great benefit is that the polyurethane bookcase will not warp or grow mould when in a damp environment. It would also be possible to add decorative detail or create the shape of your choosing.

3. The running shoe

As we mentioned when discussing the waterproof coat, there are many fabrics that contain polyurethane, so why not make a running shoe that is made only of polyurethane? This makes perfect sense as polyurethane simply ticks all the boxes that are needed in a functional and comfortable running shoe.

It is entirely possible to make a running shoe with a flexible and stretch to fit polyurethane upper that both hugs and supports the foot. This can also be coated in a waterproof covering, keeping you dry as you run or work out. The sole can be made from hard polyurethane that will create a hardwearing and durable sole.

The shoe can be made in any colour and you’ll be able to throw it in the washing machine.

4. Lining for bathroom walls and wet rooms

Why not say goodbye to bathroom tiles? It makes absolute sense to use polyurethane sheets or blocks to line the walls of bathrooms or wet-rooms.

As we already know, polyurethane is more pliable than wood, and it is much easier to cut and handle than tiles and splash-backs. They will also be much lighter.

Polyurethane resin is used to lay floors, but we can easily take this idea and use it to protect the walls in our bathroom. Polyurethane sheets, tiles or blocks can easily be made and then applied to the wall. Not only are they easy to clean and waterproof, but they won’t attract the growth of mildew. It is the hygienic and long-lasting solution.

5. Shopping bags

Finally, another product that could be made from polyurethane is the humble shopping bag. We all need to stop using disposable plastic shopping bags that end up in landfill. The polyurethane shopping bag provides you with a great alternative as this bag would be built to last.

The bag could be made from polyurethane fibres that would make it lightweight and easy to roll up in your bag. It would also be incredibly strong and durable, especially if it was made with reinforced polyurethane handles, similar to the bands that are now being made for sports’ watches. The bag would be easy to hold, waterproof and any colour you wish it to be.

Polyurethane really is a versatile material that can be used in many different products, We really do need to be more inventive and to find new ways to use polyurethane as it is strong, waterproof, resistant to mould and can be rigid or flexible.

We have explored how it can be used for making running shoes, bags, a waterproof coat, bookcases and even for lining the bathroom wall. More products need to be made from polyurethane.