With 40 years of polyurethane processing experience, Custom Moulded Polyurethane are specialised in the manufacture of high end, high tensile strength Thermoset polyurethane sector.

As a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of quality custom polyurethane products, we offer a full design and production service, from prototyping to delivery in both custom moulded polyurethane products and water jet cutting.

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Custom Moulded Polyurethane having been our preferred supplier since 2015 we supply the fire service with bespoke parts and components so it’s imperative that our polyurethane parts reach the highest industry standards, these standards are reached consistently along with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

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Excellent quality price and service from Custom Moulded Polyurethane, never an issue always a solution in the design and production process for many years now this trusted relationship has been of the utmost benefit and will continue to be so.

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How we work

Our highly skilled in house team of professionals work with our customers to develop bespoke polyurethane products that are customised to their specific requirements. We work with companies both small and large and are involved in projects of all sizes from one-off specialist parts to large volume repeat orders. We are the approved supplier to several large prestigious UK companies.

We begin by understanding the type of application required so we can recommend the correct grade of polyurethane to best suit your specifications. We create first off prototypes of the final design and development process and manufacture to the agreed specification. Monitoring all stages of our process through to final inspection.

Unbeatable competence in heat curing, shore hardness and colour matching is all part of the service and our attention to detail and quality control are natural parts of our daily business operations.

Our water jet cutting service

As quality manufacturers of thermoset polyurethane, providing the facility of water jet cut parts and components is a natural extension to our already formidable manufacturing operation.

Our cold process water jet cutting services extend from precision engineering pliable substances to creating intricate shapes out of hard to cut materials like ceramics, stone, glass and metal.

Our water jet cutting service

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Our ordering process

Our streamlined ordering process comes from a deep-seated understanding of our customers’ needs. Which is why, we invest heavily in our customer service systems, to enable the quick and intuitive ordering of polyurethane products, including clear data tracking and documentation for all transactions.

Our commitment to our products

At CMP, we believe in the benefits of using polyurethane across an ever-increasing number of industrial applications.

This unique and versatile material combines the elasticity of rubber with the toughness and durability of metal, in a variety of hardnesses ranging from rubber band soft to bowling ball hard.

Making the range of components we are able to manufacture endless.

With our vast depth of knowledge on the versatility of polyurethane, we are able to make sure your new polyurethane parts are crafted to your exact specifications. Ensuring they slot into place perfectly, perform brilliantly and provide durability and reliability.

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