The majority of Polyurethane products we make are bespoke to our customers specific requirements.

Ordering pre-made polyurethane parts and components can seem the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective option. As this is true for some situations, we offer a range of standard-sized wheels, rollers, rings, rods, covers, stops and guides.

However, there are many production processes and other commercial tasks when ‘off the shelf’ solutions are not appropriate or advisable.

Of course, one of the main reasons to commission bespoke polyurethane products is to ensure the best fit. We can create products that are accurate to the mm, including producing tailormade wheels, rollers and tubes with pinpoint cut-outs, holes and indentations. No matter how thin you need its structure to be, these parts can have complex apertures, studs and threads moulded into them.

Here are a few examples of the bespoke polyurethane products we make:

High performance wheels for RNLI launch and recovery vehicle

Launch and recovery system wheel square - Bespoke polyurethane products

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Diablo rollers for continuous oil pipe laying support

Polyurethane Diablo Rollers

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Durable wheels for an articulated 3 tonne digger


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Ensuring reliable function

Getting your polyurethane part crafted to your exact specifications will ensure it slots quickly into place, performs brilliantly and provides durability and reliability.

The level of tensile strength and flexibility can also be altered to match your commercial needs, as you can opt for bespoke polyurethane products that are highly malleable, through to items that are rigid and dense.

The reverse side of the coin is standard parts that appear to fit, but which slip, snag or slow down your processes (sometimes in hardly discernible ways).

In a nutshell, investing in bespoke polyurethane parts offers a good return on investment, by underpinning your productivity, and reducing the need for future maintenance and replacement.

Cost per unit lower than you think

Another excellent reason to opt for bespoke polyurethane parts is that the cost is likely to be much lower than you expect!

With our expertise, equipment and experience available to you, it is possible for tailormade parts to be designed, moulded and finished off quickly without expensive R&D or set up costs.

To put it simply, if you’re asking ‘Are bespoke polyurethane parts made to my specifications cost-effective?’ the answer is yes! We use highly economic manufacturing systems – and have readily available skills – to match your needs exactly, cheaply and consistently.

How to source bespoke parts made from polyurethane

By ordering a bespoke polyurethane item, you can control not just the dimensions and gauge, but also such factors as resistance to harsh chemicals, oil or excessive moisture or high friction applications.

Perhaps you need your machine part to function superbly but also dampen noise down or handle intensive friction or vibration, requiring a specific polyurethane mix.

Uniquely designed and manufactured polyurethane parts are simple to obtain if you get in touch with the responsive team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane.

We can discuss your exact specifications and expectations for the component or part. Then, we can quickly come up with a production solution and timetable.