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Mud flaps serve a multitude of purposes and face considerable wear and tear on commercial vehicles. Specifying polyurethane products optimises their advantages and durability. But why is polyurethane the best material for your custom mud flaps?

Polyurethane is the ‘go-to’ solution for a growing list of standard automotive parts and components. The team at Custom Moulded Polyurethane is also increasingly asked to innovate and create bespoke parts for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

However, there is one fundamental feature of vehicles that have been relying on the unique properties of polyurethane for some time. Whether it’s for a tractor, HGV lorry, trailer, bicycle or even a high-end car, there are strong reasons to specify polyurethane mud flaps.

Quick reminder – what is polyurethane?

Polyurethane flaps are used not just to protect vehicle bodywork from damage. For example, pliable curtains made from this material are ideal for conveyor systems, though polyurethane is also used for heavy-duty rollers in production lines too

That’s because polyurethane can be manufactured to perform a highly diverse range of functions. This incredible versatility comes from its chemical formula. A polyol (organic compound) with multiple reactive hydroxyl groups is blended with a polymeric isocyanate. This creates a chain reaction, resulting in substance with tightly bonded molecules.

By varying the catalysts and other additives, you can produce polyurethane as an adhesive, liquid, foam or even a block with the tensile strength of metal.

The many advantages of polyurethane

The above outline illustrates that polyurethane mud flaps are formulated to perform brilliantly, but also to outlast their ‘rivals’. The mix dictates the perfect tensile spec, then the moulding process shapes this resilient and durable material into any conceivable form, including intricate detailing and complex contours.

This means, for instance, if you want a logo on a polyurethane mud flap, it is easy and cheap to achieve.

When developing a new vehicle or replacing parts on an existing one, you can specify whether you need a rigid or pliable flap or mud flaps with smooth or textured surfaces. Do you want a thicker or thinner than normal flap? A flawless outcome is guaranteed with high-performance polyurethane.

What about performance though?

Creating an effective barrier

Both universal and custom mud flaps do far more than act as wheel-spray guards. They also prevent a diverse list of pollutants – and potentially corrosive substances like salt – from getting to your bodywork. Heavy-duty commercial vehicle mud flaps stop small stones and other debris from creating damage. Some flaps on wheel arches are designed to reduce the risk of mud spray obscuring the driver’s windows too.

Polyurethane is not only a mud flap material that outlasts its rivals, it is also the best choice for ensuring your vehicle can withstand all that the elements throw at it. For example, both rubber and plastic undergo structural alteration due to intense heat, and rubber can crack or flake due to cold weather. Polyurethane is impervious to even extreme temperatures.

Also, the grip on rubber and plastic changes when they are wet or greasy. Polyurethane mud flaps dispel all pollutants. They are also resistant to moulds and mildew, unlike many of their rubber counterparts.

Custom Mud Flaps for the automotive industry

Made to order mud flaps

As mentioned above, the versatility of polyurethane makes it ideal when you have clear product specifications to meet. Combine that with our skills and experience in custom moulding and you can have made to order mud flaps in any design, shape or colour you want.

Commercial mud flaps featuring branding are popular with transport organisations or any business with a fleet. Tailored mud flaps are supplied pre-drilled, so you can fit them to vehicles quickly and easily.

Despite the fact they are a superior vehicle accessory, you will still find custom mud flaps made from polyurethane a cost-effective option.

Suppliers of universal and custom mud flaps

We also offer low-cost polyurethane mud flaps in standard forms of course, usually with rounded corners to boost performance. Though feel free to ask for a different shape

In fact, for polyurethane flaps for any purpose including the best vehicle mud flaps, give us a call to benefit from our fast and efficient customer service.

We are always happy to give you the ‘dirt’ on why our mud flaps are better than alternatives