Polyurethane wheels for the 4-Track Articulated 3.2 tonne Telehandler

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When searching for the best polyurethane suppliers, there are key questions you should ask to get relevant and reliable business intel. What sort of information builds a fruitful working relationship?

Searching for polyurethane suppliers in the UK will net you a diverse set of results. You may well find that what these companies offer is a long way from the sort of polyurethane precision engineering services you need. Or, you could end up working with a company not as passionate as you are about your crucial prototype’s function, form and future production.

Sifting through the options means finding the best polyurethane suppliers for your industry sector, but also pinpointing a company with the ability to provide 100% satisfaction. Including meeting your part spec flawlessly for one-off developments, or keeping costs manageable for bulk orders of polyurethane parts or components.

Getting a company that ticks all the right boxes often relies on these 5 things to ask polyurethane suppliers before you purchase.

What experience do you have in this product category, or with urethane and polyurethane?

Some companies blend urethane and engineer parts made from PU as a bolt-on service to their core operations. However, it makes commercial sense to seek polyurethane suppliers who know this material in-depth, including its many forms and purposes.

Not least as polyurethane is incredibly diverse, which leaves room for error with a less experienced precision engineering team!

Also, the more experienced the supplier is in crafting polyurethane parts, the better able they are to advise you. They should have a track record for providing honest, insightful feedback, and proven problem-solving skills.

If you also find a specialist with existing moulds or the capabilities to create bespoke moulds, who offer competitive prices either way, then you’re on to a winner!

What equipment will you use?

There are various reasons to pose this query to polyurethane suppliers. Firstly, you can tell a lot about a potential business partner by how knowledgeable they are about their craft, but also how enthusiastic they are in describing their methods and use of tech.

For example, equipment to shape and finish polyurethane includes laser and saw cutting machines. A top tip if you want an unsullied, perfect edge on your PU part, is to find a polyurethane moulding company with the latest waterjet cutting technology. The absence of heat or abrasion guarantees a flawless finish.

This also means you are using a more environmentally sound way to cut polyurethane parts.

What is the average turn-around time?

This is a key question if you have an urgent prototype request or a time-sensitive part order. A quick response to your spec could mean you don’t miss production deadlines or rack up costs from machinery downtime.

However, finding polyurethane suppliers who can react quickly is always a good sign. It shows attentive customer service and the level of expertise that ensures seamless job management and efficient production processes.

Though of course, they also need to have the expertise, staff and equipment to meet the deadlines they promise.

What colours do you offer?

Not all polyurethane suppliers have the adaptability to create truly bespoke parts. Instead, they offer a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ moulds and finishing solutions that are the best fit for your part spec.

The leading polyurethane precision engineering professionals can produce a wide range of densities and dimensions, to create a perfect result. Right down to creating a coloured polyurethane that matches your machine, coding system or even corporate brand!

A subsidiary question would be what do polyurethane parts cost if you ask for a specific colour? Drilling down on intel like this avoids unexpected additional charges down the line.

Do you create custom moulds for my specific need?

Tracking down polyurethane suppliers who can craft any mould, to match even complex specs, can be the deal clincher for many companies.

Check your potential supplier can turn your brief into not only a viable part but also one that matches even the highest quality demands. Including providing technical input to problem solve and get the mould 100% accurate as quickly as possible.

Leading the field for polyurethane suppliers.

You have no doubt guessed who we feel is most likely to fulfil all the above requirements for polyurethane suppliers.

Feel free to get in touch to ask these questions to us, and to get a detailed quote and swift response time for your project, prototype or polyurethane part supply.