Conveyor belt rollers (Poly Rollers)

For many manufacturing, logistics and engineering companies, the primary reason to use Polyurethane is that this carefully formulated material offers faultless operation under any condition, without having to be replaced regularly. Polyurethanes unparalleled ability to withstand tension and compression means one less maintenance headache!




Keeping your production line or warehouse operating with seamless efficiency can often rely on conveyor belt rollers, which can either move materials and products effortlessly along or cause worrying snags.

They are often used continuously or for long periods, with excessive moisture around them or in extreme temperatures. They can be responsible for supporting the movement of heavy goods, hygiene-sensitive materials or fragile or odd-shaped items, in a multitude of environments.

Whatever the items they support, and under whatever manufacturing conditions, it only takes for one conveyor belt roller to fail, to jeopardise production speed or quality.

Replacing conveyor rollers requires precision fit to slot them quickly on to flatted, threaded or cross-drilled spindles, for example.

This makes specifying the correct array of rollers vital. Purchasing conveyor belt rollers in the best possible materials is also commercial common sense.


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Best fit for conveyor rollers

Let’s move swiftly and smoothly along (like our rollers) to one of the most important factors in specifying conveyor belt components. Both the machine housing and the materials to be transported can dictate the sizes and properties of the rollers you buy.

At Custom Moulded Polyurethane we engineer bespoke conveyor belt rollers, producing each one to match the specifications of our client’s production processes. Buying mass-produced, off the shelf components can prove to be a false economy (in terms of quality control and reliability, as well as flawless fit).
Dimensions of conveyor rollers are not the only custom factor we can accommodate. The components used to create the rollers, and therefore the cost of conveyor belt parts we produce, can also be altered to suit your specific needs.

That responsive service is possible, as Polyurethane is such an incredibly versatile and strong material.

Benefits of Polyurethane conveyor belt rollers

The advantages Polyurethane has over alternatives, such as metal belt rollers, are many.

That’s because Polyurethane is extremely strong and durable, but highly versatile in its chemical ‘mix’. What it gains in hardness, never compromises its ability to be shock-resistant and agile.

Polyurethane’s properties also make it resistant to abrasion, cutting, tearing and buckling. Even under high pressure and extensive use.

Its strength gives a Polyurethane conveyor belt rollers superior load-bearing capacity too. The fact that it’s so resilient prevents oil from penetrating or interrupting its efficiency, and it is radiation and water-resistant for use in highly specialised manufacturing processes too. It can even offer good electrical insulation values and fights off moulds and mildew super efficiently.

Unlike metal, Polyurethane rollers are light and manage noise impact. They are also far less liable to corrode. You can buy plastic conveyor belt rollers which are also lightweight and offer less operational noise – but they don’t have the same impact resistance, elastic memory, temperature range or ability to resist abrasion.

Rubber conveyor rollers also come up short when measured against the value of using moulded Polyurethane.

For one thing, you can specify a wider range of hardness and load-bearing ranges with Polyurethane. Chiefly, the way this type of roller operates under pressure without fault or wear and tear makes it a much wiser choice than rubber.

More ways Polyurethane is perfect for customised conveyor rollers

For complex production lines that need to be zoned, it’s even possible to vary the colours of conveyor belt rollers made from Polyurethane. By varying the mix of components within Polyurethane, it’s possible to fine-tune properties and therefore support different functions too.

Being able to chemically alter the capacity and capability of Polyurethane conveyor rollers can provide high tensile values. This makes a substantial difference to how often they need to be replaced, cutting maintenance, repair and downtime factors. That’s not the only way you save money either.

The cost factor in specifying Polyurethane

With so many compelling reasons to use Polyurethane conveyor belt rollers, it would be easy to imagine their advantages and durability values mean a high price tag.

Not so. Polyurethane is relatively low cost; and compared to other alternatives, involves short production lead times too.
The cost-efficiency of Polyurethane conveyor belt rollers would make replacing them less of a worry. However, keep in mind that with Custom Moulded Polyurethane, you shouldn’t need to come back for more until your production line expands!

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