Polyurethane Mud Flaps

Specifying Polyurethane mud flaps for commercial vehicles brings a range of important benefits. This includes purchasing vehicle parts that are hard wearing and durable. It also means having mud flaps which do their job reliably and completely.

This guide to specifying mud flaps for company trucks, lorries, tractors and other vehicles, explains why opting for polyurethane parts is always a wise decision.


The many virtues of wheel spray flaps

Replacing and installing mud flaps on commercial vehicles is not just about mud!

HGVs, trucks, trailers, tractors and cars use these to dampen down and contain a wide range of pollutants and debris that can be thrown up by wheels.

Having them custom made to fit the wheel arch of a specific vehicle or piece of machinery means maximising the way they shield bodywork and avoid water, mud and debris hitting anything (or anyone) along their route.

The advantages of Polyurethane for mud flaps

Traditionally, mud flaps on heavy-duty commercial vehicles have been produced using rubber. There are several excellent reasons to use polyurethane instead.

This includes purchasing mud flaps that will stand the test of time and excessive road use. Having them produced from a strong construction material also avoids the need to replace them as often, and reduces the chances of them splitting, tearing or otherwise letting you down.

There are other compelling reasons why automobile, truck and machinery parts are increasingly moulded from polyurethane.

This includes perfectly portioned and robust mud flaps for commercial vehicles, that can outlast and outperform rubber versions. Not least as polyurethane can be repeatedly stretched and put under stress, without losing its structural integrity.

Keep in mind too that unlike rubber, polyurethane is impervious to extreme temperatures.

If you need mud flaps for vehicles operating in excessively cold or hot conditions, polyurethane is your best option to avoid cracking or distortion.

Potential uses and custom moulding options

Mud flaps on wheel arches and other places serve to protect the vehicle from extensive moisture splatter and dirt. Reducing the amount of road and mud spray minimises the cleaning requirements, as well as helping to keep bodywork well maintained.

There are also important safety considerations in using mud flaps. Their location can be designed to avoid excessive dirt and moisture on vehicle windows or aspects of other machinery. The sort of pollutants which can affect visibility when driving or operating machinery.

Use of the best mud flaps for your particular truck, tractor or other vehicles as shows consideration to other drivers on the road, or colleagues at your work premises. Suppressing the amount of debris and liquids thrown up by vehicles can be an important safety measure.

Moulded polyurethane mud flaps can be produced to match any dimensions, and varied in thickness to suit specific vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Anti-spray flaps and other products of this kind can also be moulded with a variety of surface values, depending on the nature of the surface your vehicle may encounter. For example, smooth moulded mud flaps expel water, but textured polyurethane can be the best way to trap and dampen down stone shards and other debris.

The mud flaps commissioned to your specifications will be pre-drilled with relevant holes, for quick and easy installation. Our polyurethane mud flaps are generally crafted with rounded corners as this is an efficient shape, but this too can be varied according to individual client requests.

We can even offer you the opportunity to buy commercial mud flaps made from polyurethane in various colours. Some companies use colour-coded mud flaps to identify specific vehicles in their fleet at a glance or to reflect company livery.

Get in touch for a quick quote and guidance on how to commission polyurethane mud flaps that offer flawless fit and prolonged life.