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The performance and cost advantages of using polyurethane to engineer parts are clear. However, the quality still depends on the level of moulding or cutting expertise involved. Why does Custom Moulded Polyurethane lead the field?

Having the experience, technology and skills needed to create bespoke polyurethane products must run alongside other business qualities in the competitive world of part manufacturing.

These are service attributes that Custom Moulded Polyurethane Ltd has perfected, to build and sustain our sizable competitive advantage.

In this blog, we outline the things to look for when sourcing polyurethane engineering services.

Custom Moulded Polyurethane’s Technical abilities

The design and manufacture of PU parts for modern industry demand investment in the latest machinery. For us that means tech-supported mould forming tools and water jet cutting equipment.

Clients need the assurance that every part we produce meets closely defined tensile and dimensional measurements, thanks to the best tech and operators.

From this comes our unbeatable competence in such areas as heat curing, achieving a wide shore hardness range (10°A to 85°D). And taking the utmost care when adding in natural (translucent) or pigmented components to produce an exact colour match.

None of this is left to chance, and our attention to detail and quality control are natural parts of our daily business operations.

Ordering made easy but accountable

Another characteristic to look for is a streamlined ordering process. This will comes from a deep-seated understanding of the world our customers inhabit. We know you often need to implement repairs, upgrades and changes fast, to hold on to your competitive edge and production schedules.

To support you, we invest heavily in our customer service systems, to enable the quick and intuitive ordering of polyurethane products. Though you still enjoy the assurance of clear data tracking and faultless documentation for all transactions.

PU prototypes and experimental briefs

Support with the research and development process when looking to commission a new part for machinery is another area of operation that is highly valuable.

An ability to listen and respond to exacting briefs should be second to none. At CMP that’s all part of the service. Partnerships with clients often involve R&D projects to create the ideal PU product or component.

For this to work, we must keep our prices competitive, even maintaining low costs for short runs of polyurethane products. Our aim is to offer a keen pricing structure to build customer satisfaction and loyalty, which results in future orders.

In other words, making small-run or experimental polyurethane products at low prices, to create advocates and loyal customers.

Water jet cutting service for other materials

When you have the equipment – and the skills to use it brilliantly – it makes sense to offer that combination to customers who need shapes engineered from other materials too.

Our cold process cutting services extend from precision engineering pliable substances to creating intricate metal and stone shapes. Even briefs to work with relatively hard to cut materials, such as ceramics and glass, are all in a day’s work at Custom Moulded Polyurethane Ltd. You draw it. We craft it.

Authentic commitment to what we sell

Part of our ability to be a top supplier of polyurethane parts is that our intelligent response to customer briefs runs alongside our passion for our work. We believe in the benefits of using polyurethane in an ever-increasing number of industrial applications.

Which means we make no excuses for getting a little ‘nerdy’ when faced with a new challenge. Such as a client with a complex or highly bespoke request.

If you want an odd shape, or a polyurethane part with cut-outs, grooves, dents, protrusions or any other feature, we will create a flawless prototype.

Our eyes really light up though, when you tell us that our prototype is fit for purpose and ready for a full production run.

No part specifications we can’t match

In fact, here is a challenge for you. In all our years responding to bespoke and often experimental requests for polyurethane parts and components, we have never failed to find a solution.

So put us to the test with your project to replace or improve a key part.

You may even find that your need for an engineered PU product is nothing new to us, and we can roll out units swiftly.

Making Custom Moulded Polyurethane the go-to supplier when you need industrial or vehicle parts urgently, or if you need a free quote for a polyurethane prototype.