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Is it possible to get a fast turnaround on a part, without compromising on the accuracy and a flawless finish? It is when you understand the benefits of industrial water jet cutting services from CMP!

There are multiple reasons why Custom Moulded Polyurethane has invested in the latest industrial water jet cutting equipment.

Of course, because it runs alongside our ethos to be the best in the business; creating polyurethane parts with total adherence to even the most detailed of briefs. Also, we wanted to offer this precision engineering option to a wider range of customers.

In fact, we want to offer this to any company, anywhere, that wants to create a 100% clean and precise cut, through just about anything!

Yes, our water jet cutting capabilities are that wide. From solid metal to foam sections which could warp or burn using alternative cutting methods. That sounds like a ‘tall order’. So, if you are one of the growing numbers of specifiers considering using our industrial water jet cutting services, what do you need to know?

How water jet cutting differs from traditional mechanical cutting processes

You probably already know the basics of water jet cutting technology.

However, it’s crucial to appreciate that using a focused stream of under-pressure water (mixed with a carefully measured amount of abrasive material) is not just a quick way to slice through materials. Using the latest technology and our technical expertise, it is also incredibly versatile.

One of the most important advantages compared to traditional ways to precision cut parts is that there is no heat or friction in this process. That means that even materials that are delicate or unpredictable will retain their original tensile properties.

No shedding, flaking, bending, warping or burning.

Just incredibly precise and clean-cut, through a wide spectrum of sizes, densities and types of core materials. There are many things you can cut using industrial water jet cutting services. It’s unlikely that the material you have in mind is missing from the list of possibilities, even if you need particularly thick or thin bespoke parts!

Keeping in mind too, that this is a highly sustainable way to create an accurate part in a wide range of materials.

Also, do you need your part precision engineered to a ready-to-use finish, or cut ready to go through secondary processes? The adaptability of water jet cutting – when compared to traditional methods – means you can specify any shape or finish, with the confidence of complete satisfaction with the end result.

The steps to commissioning industrial water jet cutting

Now you know what’s possible with our industrial water jet cutting service, how can you get a bespoke part cut swiftly and accurately?


You send us your visual spec in various file formats, though the preferred ones are:- DXF, DWG, IGS, CADKEY, CDL and HPL files. A chat with our technician ‘drills down’ on form and function, so we get your part perfect.


Our team quickly provides a reliable price for water jet cutting, based on machine running time, any materials we need to source, and any finishing processes or other special engineering services you need us to provide.


New customers make a Pro-forma payment via BACS and bank transfer. Many of our ever-increasing long-term customers have worked out credit terms with us.


We create polyurethane to the right tensile properties for the part, or we source quality alternative materials as per the brief. Everything we procure is from reliable sources and is inspected and checked at every stage.


Using our advanced water jet technology, each prototype part or run of parts is crafted to match the original brief flawlessly, every single time.


Following the last inspection, your water jet cut part or parts are delivered promptly by our trusted couriers.

How fast can you meet a brief for a new part?

The turnaround speed of bespoke parts cut to order depends on their complexity and the materials involved. However, it’s likely to be fast!

Our quick industrial water jet cutting services are particularly crucial for customers working on time-sensitive R&D projects, or when a replacement part is needed to prevent costly downtime or inefficiencies.

Custom Moulded Polyurethane’s experience and advanced machinery also reduce the lead time for non-urgent parts too.

Meeting your deadline with our industrial water jet cutting services runs alongside that guarantee of accuracy too.

If you’re still not convinced, go ahead and put that to the test. We would be pleased to provide a free quote for parts of all types, sizes and shapes, whatever your base material is.